OMNIGIRL collection has 1000 pcs NFT collectibles with 200+ traits. All are unique with five properties highlighted. Supply each 1 out of 1.



Who is OmniGirl? OmniGirl represents diversity, love and respect. Love is the meaning of life. Respect is the best expression of love.


What are the 5 Properties? Theme, tone, headwear, outfit and item. 


Where do OmniGirls live? On polygon blockchain.


Where and how to collect? Buy it on OpenSea.


Why to collect? It's a simple jpeg with a simple reminder - to Love and Respect. That's it.



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OMNIGIRL's BUDDY collection has 50 pcs collectibles. All are unique with four properties highlighted. Supply of each from 1 to maximum 50.

HiuWah Kwan, Hong Kong conceptual artist, NFT creator and collector, OmniGirl NFT collection founder


Project Lead & Artist 


Hong Kong conceptual artist.

NFT Newbie.

OmniGirl is Love and Respect in the Diversified World