OmniGirl art collectibles on OpenSea is limited, unique rare, and valuable with different properties traits and rarity levels. OmniGirl NFT by HiuWah Kwan rewards OG and OmniGirl holders with benefits
OmniGirl NFT collection on OpenSea develops Positive Community, Good Vibe, Happy Mood, Positivity Mindset, and creates Passive Income for NFT newbie and collector


Roadmap for NFT Collection OmniGirl by NFT creator and collector Hiu Wah Kwan on OpenSea at Polygon blockchain


Who is OmniGirl? OmniGirl represents diversity, love and respect.


What is the story of OmniGirl? OmniGirl is a belief that 'what we think, we become'. OmniGirl is a reminder on how we should live this short life. OmniGirl is a buddy who gives strength and comfort.


What are the 5 Properties? Theme, tone, headwear, outfit and item. 


Where do OmniGirls live? On polygon blockchain.


Where to collect? On OpenSea in late May 2022. Please follow OmniVerse: TwitterIGDiscord for key dates update.


How to collect? No need to grind for a whitelist spot. We will drop 10+ pcs with visual revealed every day starting from late May. Simply buy it on OpenSea.


In the journey of creating the OmniVerse, there are many good friends who are always by OmniGirl's side. OmniGirl's buddies are great supporters of her vision.


OmniGirl Buddy collection has 50 pcs hand drawn collectibles. All OmniGirl Buddies are unique with four properties highlighted. Supply of each from 1 to maximum 50.



Come and Collect on OpenSea now, or Follow OmniVerse: TwitterIGDiscord for Constant Giveaways!

OmniGirl NFT Buddy; NFT collectible for NFT Community and NFT Collector; by HiuWah Kwan; Hong Kong artist


HiuWah Kwan, Hong Kong conceptual artist, NFT creator and collector, OmniGirl NFT collection founder


Project Lead & Artist 


Hong Kong conceptual artist.

NFT Newbie.

Kelvin Lau, media advertising and digital advertising expert for boost NFT sales

Kelvin Lau

Sales & Marketing Professional


Hong Kong digital marketer.

15+ years' media and advertising experiences.


OmniGirl is Love and Respect in the Diversified World