Wendy Kwan Hiu Wah is a mindful artist and an abstract expressionist, whose work reveals her pursuit of spiritual development, related to philosophies of life and touched on social issues.


She likes painting with simple composition, minimal color, clean lines and rough texture. These elements allow her to stay focused, together with the repetitive gestural movement, naturally pull her into the moment of creating.


Wendy has a unique layering method for her mixed media work. She keeps adding in paint on the canvas and removing them; creating texture and rubbing them off; blending in color and diluting them away. By doing the layering again and again, time after time, she appreciates the constantly changing state, at the same time builds harmony in herself. This is her way of understanding the middle way.


Same for her line drawings with ink. Through concentrating on the repeated arm movement, she observes the change effect of varying conditions forming each and every line. She experiences inner harmony and perceives wisdom from both the creation process and the output. She looks at the artworks closely. These works filled with answers to the question of life, the universe and everything.


Wendy sometimes takes up project for addressing different social issues. She also accepts commissioned artwork for private collectors and business partners.

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