Group Exhibition:

'1st Hainan Bonded International Art Exhibition' / Haikou Bonded Culture and Art Museum, Hainan







Group Exhibition:

'DYJ Summer Exhibition 19' / Yinuo Art Gallery, Shanghai

'The Great Wall Art Festival' / NL Art Museum, The Great Wall, Beijing

'One Inspired Evening' / Inspiration Corporation, Chicago, USA

'Makeup Removal' / M50 Creativity Space, Shanghai



Solo Exhibition:

'Awakening' / theDesk Sai Wan, Hong Kong


Group Exhibition:

'Surfaces' / LoosenArt Gallery, Rome, Italy

'Independent Spirit 3' / NL Art Museum, SongZhuang, Beijing

'A Blocked Exhibition' / virtual: #蓝京华#

'A One Man's Group Exhibition' / virtual: dickbasspro.com/moma

'Contemporary Abstract Art Exhibition' / NL Art Museum, SongZhuang, Beijing

'Regret' / LifeMART at Jao Tsung-I Academy, Hong Kong

'Art Shenzhen 2018' / Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center, Shenzhen

'Beijing Summer Exhibition 18' / NL Art Museum, SongZhuang, Beijing

'Tao Hua Tan Spring Artist Retreat & Exhibition' / Tao Hua Tan Resort, Anhui

'For the Return of a Curator' / Dong Shi Sheng Xuan Art Museum, SongZhuang, Beijing

'Matrix. Reflexive’ /  Phoenix-Hanzhang Art Space, 798 Art Zone, Beijing

'Her Vision 112’ / NL Art Museum, SongZhuang, Beijing

'Art On the Line 2018' / American Women’s Association of Hong Kong, Hong Kong


Award & Scholarship:

Art Excellence Award, Beijing Summer Exhibition 18, NL Art Museum, SongZhuang, Beijing

Scholarship, 'Asian Art: An Insiders View', HKU Faculty of Arts and Christie's Education, Hong Kong



Solo Exhibition:

'Life' / Shangyuan Art Museum, ShangYuan, Beijing


Group Exhibition:

'10th Int'l Residency Program Annual Exhibition' / Shangyuan Art Museum, Beijing

'Bridge 2017' / Shangyuan Art Museum, ShangYuan, Beijing

'Life with Ink 2017: New thINKing’ / Dan’s Studio, Hong Kong


"'Art is a creation. It translates my unspoken feelings, thoughts and memories into images. It connects me with my inner self, and reveals how I interact with the outside world.. My hand simply follows my heart and brings out the deeper ‘me’; thus I can understand myself more through reading my own work.'


Drawing lines and stripes is like a zen practice, makes me aware of every presence and movement of the mind, body and soul. Every ink of a line expresses a moment, the moment.


I also do mixed media work. Through continuous adding in paint and rubbing them off; blending and giving texture; pasting and washing away, I feel so free and real."